Sons of Helaman

The 2012 parade included an entry that will happen only one time and in only one parade.  Complementing the year’s theme, They Did Not Doubt, young men from all over the area came together dressed as warriors.  They were led by President Cory Hanks, president of the Bountiful South Stake, who were dressed as Helaman.

For many years President Hanks has been involved with youth groups, dressing as Helaman, and telling the story of the 2000 stripling warriors.  Years ago he thought about a parade entry that would include 2000 young men all marching in unison, costumed as warriors, but the time was never right.  Finally, in 2012, it all came together.

Young men from all over the valley were involved in the march.  It was inspiring to see.  They were all costumed and each had a wooden staff-like spear. The staffs each had a nail in the bottom.  Every fourth step, the young men struck the staff on the pavement which made a thunderous sound unlike any heard before in a parade.  They all wore wrist bands that proclaim the message, “They Did Not Doubt!”

If your connection does not allow access to youtube, you can download the entire video. (150 meg)

The Sons of Helaman march has been featured in the Deseret News and LDS Magazine.